Dolores Cannon Book club

The Dolores Cannon Book Club serves as a platform for experience and information exchange, for discussion, and for organising meet-up events. It a labor of love and joy.  In loving memory of Dolores Cannon. 

Dolores Cannon´s work rests on the knowledge that our mind is capable of anything. Dolores says that most people do not recognise how much power they have access to, as they are constantly working within the limitations. Yet, Dolores believes that people are capable of great creation and healing, simply through the process of removing these limitations and believing in our own personal power. 

Dolores Cannon has accumulated all of this vast knowledge from her 45 years as a pioneering hypnotherapist and here she talks about what message your body is telling you. 

Here Dolores Cannon talks about communications with the Subconscious, the tremendous force,  she accesses for healing and information. The true Subconscious, also known as the Higher Self / the Oversoul among other terms, is the key to using QHHT for amazing healing of body and access to unlimited information. 

Dolores Cannon talks about how to let go of fear in an interview for Movies 3 Magic Words. 

Dolores Cannon talks about healing your past to live your fullest potential.  

Dolores Cannon talks about her comprehension of God  in an interview for Movies 3 Magic Words.