Much like a crystal, you are one of a kind, unique and special. A piece of the universe, vibrating to your own unique frequency. You have the power to heal yourself and enlighten others. You are your own universe, capable of shining bright among a infinite sky.


We are all healers, because all healings come from ourselves. We are all powerful, multidimensional beings because we all originally came from the same God source. We must acknowledge the innate divine power in each one of us, regain connect to our Higher Selves and remain connected to the Source, with a pure heart, with love and understanding.



I'm Shuyi Unger. A Certified & Dedicated QHHT Practitioner from Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy by Dolores Cannon. I am honoured to be able to continue her miraculous work and use this valuable tool helping others.  It is a joy for me to help people healing themselves and finding their special roles and greater meaning in life.         I am one of the "three waves of volunteers" who have come directly from the God Source to elevate the earth energy and help raise the Energy of the people to move into the next higher dimension.  I encourage you to take this journey with me.  It's a transformative and powerful experience that will open your heart, mind and imagination!  


I was born in a family of doctors and healers and I have a wide range of background in Science,  Spirituality, and healing.  When I was a teenage I became to know that I am a channel of Energy and Knowledge from the high dimensions. This energy supports me achieving academic and professional success in various fields.  As a Dedicated Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist, I use this effective unique technique as a Key to obtain Healing & Information that enables you to improve your life substantially.


I offer private QHHT sessions that enable people to heal themselves from trauma, emotional and physical ailments, resolve their problems in the family, in relationship and at work,  unlock their individual power and create a new life quickly.  I have had many clients experiencing profound healing, awakening, and substantial growth with Dolores Cannon QHHT method.    


I run workshops to help people connecting with the Source Energy and tapping into the Higher Intelligence: 

  • Heal your past to live to your fullest potential
  • Find new directions and new resources in your life easily 
  • Connect with your Higher Self  for creating your best possible reality
  • Expand your consciousness & discover your greater personal power
  • Let go of fears and Karma, think for yourself, and live your passion
  • Remember your Mission and know your soul plan
  • Enhance your multidimensional potentials


It is a JOY for me seeing my clients achieve rapid healing & transformation, and enjoy the life journey with lightness, clarity and vitality.


Are you ready to embark upon that next stage of your personal growth & expansion? 

I invite you to schedule your private session with me!


These sessions have been very transformative and impactful.